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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Who would've thunk....

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Who would have thought that so many years and life experiences would go by before
 I was again in my own home working on the Canterbury.  It has told me that it definitely
 wants to be a Steampunk Summerhouse so the adventure has begun.  Thanks to
 encouragement from Deb, I dove into the realm of steampunk and found myself
 enjoying every minute of it.  This afternoon I will start gluing the structure together
 after detailing parts of it that were easier to work on with the section flat on my bench.
 This house is very small actually, so when it's done it will really be a glorified room box.
 After working so hard on one of the wings I planned to add, it just doesn't seem to go
 now so am putting in a large bay window that I've had kicking around for years.  Have
 been working on a copper roof for it and am about to look at vertigris effects to try out
 on it as it seems to be leaning toward a summerhouse on the beach.  Will add more pics