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Thursday, August 6, 2015


By Debra from Olde Cape Cod, 20 May

The trip to my mom's was uneventful until I was hanging up my clothes, and who's in my bag but Captain Morin! Since he got back from vacation a few hours early, he decided he'd like to come up to see if there were any new ladies in my mom's dollhouse! So he showed up in his uniform and shared mint juleps with the lady of the house and just was thoroughly enjoying himself.
After a tour of the garden, he had tea in the parlor and was shown a good time by all.
My mom and I are supposed to go shopping for the day tomorrow, but he assured me that he would be quite comfortable with the "Lovely Marilyn". I think if it wasn't for his Summerhouse, it would be hard to get him to come home! LOL!