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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Telescope, Part Two

I was really proud of myself after building the telescope yesterday and was excited to show it to my DH when he got home from work. He was duly impressed but when I touched it, it fell over and the telescope broke off the mount and then the mount broke off too! Argh! So figured I needed to cut the legs at more of an angle to make it more stable. Woke up early with a few ideas and started hunting through my stash of wooden parts and metal filagree to add a little pizazz! I used a wooden bowl for the copper piece but this time, I drilled a hole down through the bottom and glued in a piece of toothpick. I then stacked the separate pieces on the toothpick including a cradle to hold the telescope. The new design is more stable and I like how it looks. Made the chains on the legs more realisitic too with eye pins inserted into each leg and the chain hooked to them. Jump rings on the tip of each leg add bling and still more stability. The Captain is very happy with it and he can hardly wait for the glue to dry! That was the progress for today. Tomorrow I'll work on the project on the back of the house and work on the roof pieces. Though I do have just a bit more brick paper to do. Maybe I'll do that just to get it done. Have a great evening all!