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Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Neverwas Haul

Thought it would be fun to add a picture of the inspiration for finishing this build. This little house has been through so much! LOL! It was originally going to be a cute little Victorian house with lots of gingerbread. Then had an idea that it would be a home for Sherlock Holmes. Then a Summer Home for Sherlock Holmes. Then steampunk crept in and we have been all over the place! LOL! It was going to be a steampunk summerhouse, but it didn't seem to want the additions I had worked so hard on; so it sat and sulked for awhile and then I realized I was building a version of the Neverwas Haul without even knowing it! So have been making modifications in that direction and it has been a delightful adventure. Even tossed around the idea of putting it on a radio controlled car chassis, but decided that a crash would be devastating so tossed the idea in the trash can! The painting on the wheels continues and soon I'll have pics of the electrical.