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Friday, August 14, 2015

Minions and Metalizing...

S asked about how I metalize things.  I thought at first I had made up a new word, but no it's in the dictionary.....I checked.  So I took pictures of the process to show you.  I started with FolkArt Gunmetal Gray Metallic paint.  I really like the FolkArt metallics, they seem to be one of the only paints that actually are metallic. I use an older brush that has gone fluffy on me so can no longer be used for any kind of sharp edges paint-wise.

 I also use index cards as small palettes for paint.  Someday, I'll have to come up with something different but since I bought these for one of my kids as a back to school supply and he is now 33, I have given them a different use. LOL! As it turned out, got a little overzealous with the won't need that much.  I ended up putting half of that back in the bottle when I was finished.
The next step will be to dip your brush in and get paint on the ends of all the bristles.
After you do that, you proceed to take most of the paint off the bristles by rubbing them on the rest of the index card.  You want barely enough paint on your brush or you will get streaks on the item you are trying to metalize.
I've also found that it's better to do a batch of metalizing at a time as it seems to come out a little different each time.
When your brush has just a trace of paint on it, lightly stroke the bristles across your project in either straight or circular motions.
You can keep adding more if you like, but keep in mind you will have to paint your item and start over again if you want less.  Since the Steampunk Summerhouse has alot of black on it, that is what I metalized.  I haven't tried this with other colors or other metallics; that would be worth experimenting with.  So here are a few pictures of befores and afters, I think the metalizing gives more dimension and interest to the trim pieces.

Of course the Minions had to have a good view of things for the whole process. Heeey, wait a second! There's alot more of them than there were the other day!  They have snacks too!  This can only mean trouble...hope it's not like Tribble trouble!!  Have a great day all!