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Friday, August 7, 2015

Rose wants a Makeover....

Hurt my knee a couple of weeks ago and this morning cranked it again...OOWWie! So I am sitting down today giving Rose her makeover. She is alot fussier than I thought......we started with metallic green which I thought looked like satin. Let's just say that was not a popular choice. The next color we tried was a forest green, but that got a no also. So we have a tentative yes on the Sea Glass color. She'll have black trim, a black corset and tiny black dots scattered over the fabric. I've tried doing dots before and was wondering how I was going to manage it this time. Came across a fine point Sharpie pen which should do the trick. I just have to wait for the second coat of green to dry and I can start the black accents. Here she is so far:  Have a great day all!