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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Home Again...

By Debra from Olde Cape Cod, 22 May

Well, Captain Morin didn't much like traveling in my old make-up case. He couldn't believe I still had that old Samsonite thing from back in the 70's!

I insisted as I didn't want his head and body to part ways. He arrived in one piece, well, 2 pieces anyway and we headed straight for the shop. He's a tough old bird, totally resin to the core so I chose some E6000 Industrial strength adhesive for the repair. Be careful to have ventilation when you use this as it is quite fumey. So he is once again all in one piece and despite some grumbling about it taking me so long (I'm sorry, it's says to wait 2 minutes before you join the pieces...")he is now whole and in relatively good spirits.
I visit my mom on a regular basis, so he wants to make sure he can come along as he enjoyed himself immensely. Now that his head is back on, I'm getting pressure to work on the wheels for his Summerhouse. Says he wants to "follow the sun" or some such thing. But I have strawberries to slice, pound cake and potato salad to put together and some very ripe bananas to deal with so he might just have to wait until after this holiday weekend. Have a great weekend!