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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Whew! What a weekend! We did yard work, traded in our car for a pickup and had company over for smoked ribs! Feeling not as young as I used to be! LOL! I hear noise coming from the workshop, I think Captain Morin is trying to put the wheels on His Summerhouse. If I don't watch it, he will be successful and drive off into the sunset! I hope he is being careful, still not sure how good his neck repair is going to hold. This will be a good test of the E6000 cement. Found a tiny letter on one of the miniature tables in the shop....I think the Lovely Marilyn has written to our beloved Captain. Is that the barest scent of perfume I smell!? Do I dare sneak and read it? The Captain does seem awfully pleased with himself. I will have to ask some careful questions later to find out the details....inquiring minds and all that.