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Saturday, September 23, 2017

A little help from Mr. Skellie...

This has been a busy week indeed! Last weekend, Dear Hubby moved all of the furniture out of the two rooms. Mr. Skellie was sure glad we had a dolly...
Just when I thought the rest of the house couldn't get any more cluttered....we added a futon to the kitchen,
more stuff and a door to the dining room,
and even more stuff to the living room!
Once the old shop/new office was empty,
it was time to bring in all the pieces of furniture that would be home there.

It looks a a little crowded right now because all of the furniture is pulled away from the walls so we can repair and touch up....(I did make a lot of holes in the wall...) Next, Bill put up the shelves I had in the new shop...

with a little help from Mr. Skellie of course.
Then the large pieces were brought into the shop...
those long boards were the large bookcase I had, we ended up having to take it apart as we couldn't make the turn with the 7 foot bookcase. I've worked quite a bit on organizing my shop this week and on Thursday, a big box arrived.
I figured out how to assemble it and it is now my display rack for finished and unfinished projects as well as random kits and supplies.
It just stinks of organization around here! LOL! My daughter would be so proud of me.....Tomorrow we will concentrate on sanding and touching up the walls in the new office and once the furniture is in place, we can move in all the small items and hang pictures! Now where is my hammer....Have a great day!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Keep on packin'!

One thing for sure, I am glad I'm not trying to pack up the whole house right now! I do think that my work shop has more in it than any other room, so I did take on a pretty big project. (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it...) Most of my work in the shop happens during the cold months so I know I will appreciate it in the long run. One side of the room looks pretty empty

but the rest of the house is catching all the overflow! The pile is higher in the dining room
and the living room
and even the bedroom.
Did I have this much stuff when I moved in?! I think I'm a pack rat....Bill's going to be helping me move heavy stuff that I can't that drill press. Although I did manage to schlep that thing across the back yard last wonder I've been visiting the chiropractor...The left side of the room hasn't changed much, Before
and After (not enough work...)
so I really need to get my butt in gear and attack that. So much crap, so little time...but, I can't just throw it out, it might come in handy for that next project! So I am off to pack up some more and maybe we can actually swap the rooms this weekend! (Am I being too optimistic?) Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Reviewing the Lazy Day Easy Lasagna Recipe....

After much goofing off and just a little procrastination, here is my review of the recipe for an easy lasagna that I saw on Facebook.
I thought the idea of using the frozen cheese ravioli was genius. The ingredients didn't break the bank and I already had some of them. Turns out, I didn't have garlic salt but had garlic powder, so went with that along with a few grinds of salt. When I first put the frozen raviolis in the bottom the the pan, I wondered if they would cook all the way in just 35 I boiled them for 2 minutes first
and then placed them in the pan.
I browned the 1/2 pound of ground beef and couldn't resist adding some dried onion...
I just love the smell of it cooking with the ground beef. I poured in the crushed tomatoes and spices and also sloshed in a bit of cooking wine too.
After cooking and stirring for a couple of minutes,
I started layering it in the pan...raviolis. sauce, mozzarella cheese, repeat.
Popped it in the oven
for 35 minutes
and waited with anticipation. 35 minutes was the minimum time, but it was bubbling like it was supposed to, so I took it out to set for 15 minutes.
My mouth was watering at this point! I dished it up for Bill and I and we dug in. So, my opinion? It was bland; and the mozzarella cheese seemed too chewy. I thought that maybe you could use some Prego sauce and add some Italian sausage, mushrooms, cooking wine, and Italian seasoning and go light on the mozzarella but after thinking about it, save yourself all the layering and baking and just boil the ravioli following the package directions and pour your doctored or homemade sauce over them, add a little Parmesan and enjoy! The recipe ingredients cost almost as much as a Stouffer's lasagna and I guess I'm easy to please, cause I like the frozen one better....not so much clean-up either. So that's my review, happy cooking and have a great day!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Getting a Move On!

While Bill and Mr. Skellie were working on the deck next door, I started packing up my shop. No, I'm not going anywhere, I'm just moving the shop from the tiny bedroom to the larger bedroom in my home. I'll be going from this:
to this:
I thought about how the process would go for awhile; just imagine that you want to switch two completely furnished rooms in your house. Which would you do first? I don't have a large house, so there isn't space enough to just put loose items all over everything. So after a good think, I picked up a dozen boxes from Lowes and have started packing everything up in the shop so we can move all the office stuff in there first. Wow! What a lot of stuff! This is how much I've emptied so far,
and there's boxes and baskets and drawers of stuff in the living room,
dining room

and even the bedroom.

I thought I would find lots of things to get rid of while I was packing up, but so far, I'm keeping it all! LOL! I'm not sure where the tool bench is going to go...probably in the kitchen as an island! (Wonder how many times I'll walk into that...) I'm not sure if we're going to paint walls or anything but I have put a lot of holes in the walls, so that might be necessary. So here's hoping I can pack all this stuff up this week! Have a great day!

Oh and as a P.S., here's the new tool box I have my eye on....
guess I'd better wait for a coupon and get those crocheted dish towel sets I made listed on Etsy!

Mr. Skellie learns how to fix a deck....

Bill has been working odd jobs in between working on his shop addition so that he has enough to finish everything. One of these jobs was fixing the lady's deck next door. It looked like it was in pretty bad shape, but after pressure washing, it was able to be saved! The top rails of the deck were pretty rotted, so Bill and Mr. Skellie removed them and cut new pieces.
Before Bill could trim the end, Mr. Skellie had a "Titanic moment".
Then it was all screwed in place
and Mr. Skellie checked the pickets to see which ones would need replacing....this one for sure.
He helped Bill drill pilot holes in the pickets for the screws first so there will be less chance of splitting.
Then they were screwed in place....with Mr. Skellie's help of course.
This is the color of the stain the neighbor chose...looks great, doesn't it? Mr. Skellie was thirsty after all that work and made sure no one made off with the water. After working in the heat, he gets bone dry...
They packed up all the tools and put everything away back in the shop. The next time, their plans are to add strips to the roof rafters so that more insulation will fit up there. Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Disturbing mail....and a gift!

It all started with a pretty colored envelope I received in the mail. I thought it might be an invitation to something fun or maybe a card from someone. This is what was inside.
It seems that once you reach "a certain age", delightful things like this show up in your mailbox. I said, "My hearing's just fine, thank-you very much!" as I ran it all through the shredder. So I got to thinking, I do like to work in my little shop, but that requires a lot of sitting and there's a little more to me than I would like if you know what I mean. My birthday had come and gone, but I thought what a great present to myself a bicycle would be. Not a racing bike with the 1 inch wide seat but a beach cruiser that I could tool around the neighborhood on. I found a pretty one I liked on the Walmart website of course and also on sale.....of course.
My Dear Hubby put it together for me and made lots of adjustments so it would be comfortable and safe. I even ordered a helmet....a very cool one of course.

We took it out in the backyard and with a helpful push from my husband, I was off circling the yard. I had so forgotten the feeling of cycling and I was overcome with emotion. When I stopped, I was crying with had been almost 50 years since I had ridden a bicycle. As I straddled the bike, I hugged my husband and he backed away so I could get off. "Get off"...sounds so easy doesn't it? Well, my mind went blank as to how to dismount! Finally, I bent my right knee and tried putting it over the front bar. Well, somehow I got tangled up and fell to the ground with the bike landing on top of me. I felt so stupid, I just laid on the ground and laughed! Later on, I realized that the bike had hurt my leg and my ankle. I took these pictures today, the bike beat me up almost 2 weeks ago.

So after ice packs and Arnica cream and being careful of it, it's a little better now. But now the ragweed is in full bloom so I guess I have to wait until after the frost! It's okay if you want to laugh, I have to laugh at this myself! So while I heal, I've been thinking more about moving my shop to the second bedroom which is quite a bit bigger. I picked up some boxes at Lowes the other day and am going to start packing up my current shop. Then there will flooring and painting and all kinds of fun. Have a great day!