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Monday, February 12, 2018

Midnight Meanderings...

I fell asleep last night only to awaken about an hour later at midnight. There were noises coming from the shop...suspicious noises. I threw on my heavy robe and tiptoed across the living room to the hall. Just as I reached the shop door, I heard a burst of laughter coming from the other side. I opened the door and asked, "What are all you guys laughing at?!" The minions were on the bench laughing and talking.
Then I saw what was going on....three of them were balanced and getting ready to poke Mr. Skellie in the butt with a sword!
I caught them just in time. When Mr. Skellie turned around I asked him what on earth he had on. He said he found a cool new shop apron for himself. He thought it looked very retro.
(The minions thought he looked like a grandma.) They asked if this had been my apron when I was little...just as I was about to answer, Mr. Skellie laughed and hollered, "No way Wide Load!" He skittered off and I was in hot pursuit. He climbed up to the top of my big bookcase and wouldn't come down until I calmed down.
I helped him down and asked where he had found that old apron. He told me he found it on the shelf and didn't think I would mind if he used it since it appeared that I had outgrown it. I let that last comment pass and asked him what he was working on. He had been taking care of all the little things that had accumulated on my bench. My steampunk sink that had fallen and come apart,
little Christmas ornaments for his tree that needed gluing,
and even the the Minions Steampunk Cottage that needed some of the equipment repaired.
He even put all my pliers away that I had kinda left all over.
He showed me all the finished projects

and then we decided to go over to the Minion's bakery, Buns and Roses, to enjoy some banana donuts.
Before we knew it, the Minions brought out some banana daiquiris as it was after hours and I don't remember much after that! LOL! Have a great day!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

All on my own....

Hey guys! Mr. Skellie here. While Debra is off gallivanting with her son, I have been left here on my own. So I decided to take matters into my own bony hands and update all of you on all the latest adventures around here. I'll tell you about my morning first...I woke up at 4:30 this morning frozen to the bone and saw the Big Guy walking around the house with a flashlight. Now I know they keep it kinda cool at night around here, but this is ridiculous. I hollered out to him to turn up the heat while he was wandering around and he told me to get back in bed. I put on a hat and scarf
and then wrapped myself up in my rug
and got up to have a look around. First of all, it was down to 56 degrees in here...that's cold for even these crazy people. I found out the electricity was off and started to go snuggle with Debra. Well, the Big Guy didn't like that much and shooed me back to my shop...I mean, Debra's shop. ( I use it more than she does by the way). After another hour, the power came back on and I proceeded to thaw myself out. Outside was only 3 degrees, so we were fortunate that the power company was on the ball. Thanks guys! A bunch of junk happened before this, most of which I wasn't included in...I get no respect around here. First off, there was a fun trip up to get Debra's mom for Christmas...I didn't get to go. Then, they all rode out to the airport to pick up some guy named Ben...

I didn't get to go then either! I bet they had ice cream too. I saw the pictures, so I will share them here...even though I'm not in them...

We did have a good time at Christmas; this guy Ben, who turned out to be Debra and the Big Guy's son, seemed like a pretty game guy. I mean, look at this outfit! LOL! I later found out that Debra bought this shirt for him...I think he was trying to make points.
Debra and her mom and son drove the mom back home and the next day they all took off to see Debra's other son and his family. Again, no skellies were was a good thing too as they were all in a 5 car crash! The truck was banged up a little,
but no one was hurt. All I can say is that if I had been driving with my mad skills, it never would have happened..but no one listens to me. So Debra and her son have been riding around in a race car called a Ford Fusion and I have been left at home. She did finally get all the Christmas stuff down,
but her shop was crammed full.
Then a guy named Ed came for a visit and he snored like a train! I'm glad he doesn't sleep in my shop all the time, I'd be taking drastic measures. He did bring me a cool present though, so I guess he's an okay guy.
I wonder if this will fit the bottle of tequila I have hidden away...It wasn't too long after that that Ed went home and the shop started to get back to normal just in time to have a snow storm!
Marlene was worried about me that I didn't have a coat on for the picture, but I was pretending I was in the polar bear club. Her quilt shop needs work and what needs to be done next requires clamps and they are just too big for me to handle. I will light a fire under Debra...(when she is not looking, LOL!) and see if we can make some progress. Besides, I would love to snuggle up to Marlene again...sigh. So as Debra always says, have a great day!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Parties and Presents!

We had a whirlwind day here! Mr. Skellie and I were invited to a cookie swap and tea party at Marlene's house. Mr. Skellie was so excited that he was going to get to see Marlene that he was hopping all around the shop. He spent alot of time in front of the mirror...he wanted to look just right. While he was primping, I was baking cookies in the kitchen. He came flying in yelling, "I forgot about the cookies!" I told him not to worry, I would share the cookie dough with him. He got to work right away shaping some oatmeal raisin cookies but after only a dozen he said his hands were tired and he was going to take a break. He dug around in my china cabinet looking for something to put his cookies in saying that presentation was everything. He placed his cookies on one corner of the cookie sheet and kept a close eye on them while they baked.
When we arrived at Marlene's, he joined us at the table and showed off his cookies to the ladies.
He spent time with each lady flirting as usual. He laughed with Susie,
made googly eyes at Sharon....he especially liked her hair...
and sighed when he could at last spend time with his beloved Marlene.
I think he's a party animal like his mother...her picture is on Mr. Skellie's Facebook page. After we had all finished our tea and ate more cookies than we should have, we said good-bye and headed home to wrap Christmas presents. The boxes were a little big for him to handle, so I put Mr. Skellie in charge of writing the tags for the gifts.
After he stuck them on the packages, I read a few and rolled my eyes.

He gets creative sometimes. I was getting ready to wrap some undies for myself and he was ogling the picture on the package.
"Is this what you will look like in these!? Wow!" he exclaimed. I told him to calm down and get back to writing tags. So this is the one he wrote for the undies...
Then he saw the undershirts I was wrapping for Bill...
"Whats with you guys and the underwear?" he asked. What can I say...we both needed some. Then he saw the funny surprise that arrived in the mail, so Mr. Skellie thought he would make friends.
I think he was just goofing off, just sayin'. When the last package was wrapped and put under the tree, I sat down and just enjoyed the lights and Christmas music playing and rested from all the things we accomplished.
Can't wait for Christmas! Have a great day!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Mr. Skellie's first Christmas Tree!

As I was adding finishing touches to our Christmas tree, I heard some rustling and grunting in the dining room. When I went to investigate, I found Mr. Skellie wrestling with his very own Christmas tree that he had found in one of the Christmas bins.
"Would you like a hand?" I asked. He asked if I could grab the light end and he would take the heavy end. Together we managed to get it upright and I helped him start fluffing up the branches. He started joking around and got tangled up in the branches
but I soon pried him loose. I showed him all the decorations for the tree and he was eager to start.
"Hey look, I'm a Christmas tree!" he yelled.
I turned and we both laughed. He was really enjoying his first foray into Christmas decorating. After he unwound himself, I helped him put it on his tree.
As he was hanging the first ornament, I noticed the tattoo.
"I thought that washed off during the last rainstorm you were caught out in..." I said. "I've been using that coverstick you have to cover it up..." said Mr. Skellie. "You mean the one I used to use to cover my eye bags...I've been wondering where that went..."I said. He said he feels like Popeye when he lets it show. I told him Popeye had arms that were a whole lot bigger but he came back with the comment that the bones were the same size. You can't win when you try to argue with a plastic skeleton I guess.  We continued working on the ornaments together and after it was all done, I saw him looking at the tree and thinking.
"What's wrong?" I asked. "It needs lights...." he said. "Oh poopy, we'll have to take everything off the tree to do that and I'm not sure if I have any lights that will fit this tree." I said. I went to the shop and pulled out boxes and bins looking for the lights I had purchased on sale quite awhile ago. I found them and the batteries were still good!
Mr. Skellie approved. He helped me put them on the tree after we had taken all the ornaments and garland off. It was worth it to see how happy it made him.
Everything was put back on and I helped him with the ornaments that were up high.
He freaked out a little when I got the ladder out to reach the top, but I was careful and there were no accidents. "Why is there still an ornament left in the box?" he asked. I told him that was the star for the top and would he like to put that on. He grabbed it and I held him while he carefully put it on the top branch.
I explained to him that this star represented the one that shone in Bethlehem over the baby Jesus. He reflected on that quietly for a moment and then asked If I could get a good shot of his first tree...he wanted to remember it for always. (This is the "arty " shot he wanted...)
When night fell, I took another shot of it lit...
Mr. Skellie can't wait for Christmas! Have a great day!