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Monday, April 30, 2018

Celebration of Life...

Today at 11 AM mountain time, we will be celebrating Jacob's life at First Christian Church in Wheatland WY with a reception to follow at Impact Ministries. 💗
For those flying in, you will want to fly into Denver (2.5 hours away) or Casper, WY (1.5 hours away) and drive the remainder of the way. This also happens to be outage season for the local power plant, so accommodations can be somewhat limited. The church only seats 200 people so for that reason we will be LIVE streaming the event right here in this group.
For those attending in person, we ask you refrain from wearing black and instead wear color. 💙💚💛 Bonus points for wearing your color. 
Not sure what color you are? Find out here:
Here are six of Sarah and Jacob's children when they visited last year:
Please be praying for Sarah and these precious children today. Have a glorious day.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

"Your ways are not my ways saith the Lord...."

The heavens rejoice as they welcome another soul home. Jacob Adamo, my daughter's husband of 15 years, went to meet his creator on April 19, 2018 at 1:50 in the afternoon. From now on, my dear daughter and her 7 children will be making the long trip back to a new normal life as a family. Your prayers for strength and hope for them will be very thankfully received and very definitely needed. If you would like to offer them some practical help, here is a link to the GoFundMe page where people are sharing with her in a very real way. Thank-you for reading and have a glorious day.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Please be in Prayer....

I love you all and enjoy sharing my projects and funny stories, but today is a very different matter. At this moment my daughter Sarah is at the bedside of her husband as he struggles against kidney and liver failure. As many of you know, they have seven children that we dearly love also. I'm asking all of you around the world that read my ramblings here to be in prayer for them all. Jacob is his name and he could sure use a miracle right now. Your prayers are the most important thing in the world, but if you would like to help in a practical way, here is a link.

Thank-you all so much.

Latest update from my daughter:

Jacob update. He has been intubated and put to sleep because at 10:50 MT he was taken to Radiology for an angiogram to stop the bleeding caused by a parasentisis (attempt to remove the fluid from abdomen and they hit a vein or artery). They still do not know what is causing the liver and kidney failure. Once he is back to homeostasis they want to do a liver biopsy. There are mentions of Wilson's Disease (go figure Wilson  ).
So I am blessed to be sitting in the waiting room with Thea Adamo, Jennie RadhakrishnanKristen BellingerJosh and Shaina Lock.
I cannot even begin to say thank you to all of you that have prayed for us, donated, hugged, called, messaged. I am so blessed with an amazing Young Living and Church family.
Please continue to speak life over this situation! I need it and Jacob needs it.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

The case of the missing Easter Bunnies....

Mr. Skellie may be mad with me, but he loves my grandchildren almost as much as I do. He helped me pack a box full of Easter candy and even egg coloring kits as a surprise to my daughter's children back on March 26th. We have waited and waited for delivery and Mr. Skellie has been checking the tracking number several times a day now. "Why haven't they arrived yet?" he asked.
While I didn't have the answer, the way these bunnies have been traveling back and forth across the country has been intriguing. If this goes on much longer, I'll be expecting to start receiving postcards from all the places these bunnies have been! LOL! So if you would like to see how much of the country these bunnies have seen so far, punch in this USPS tracking number...


and then click on "tracking history". So we will all be waiting with bated breath to see where the bunnies end up next!! Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A Forgotten Friend...

Went to visit my mom last week and Mr. Skellie wanted to come for the ride. But with the lunches out, the thrift store visits and a very funny jam session with my mom on the auto harp and me on a guitar that was strung for a lefty, he kind of got forgotten...I traveled back home and unpacked everything and collapsed in my recliner. The next day, I heard a funny rustling sound in the shop. When I went in to investigate, there was Mr. Skellie still in the ziploc bag.
Oopsie! So he is not speaking to me right now. Since my little friend is still having a hissy fit, I decided to go outside and take care of some very necessary bush trimming.
I hauled out all the tools from my shop, Bill's shop, and the shed and decided to have a go at it.
Mind you, I have not used this thing before but I thought, "How hard can it be?" There was a very large carpenter bee that was very interested in the goings other words, I was getting dive bombed. He was keeping the yellow jackets and wasps away, so I put up with his shenanigans. My original plan was to take these bushes down by a third...LOL! What was I thinking!? By the time I got to this point,
my back and arms were spent, I was sweating bullets, and I had to go sit down. My little baby muscles kept asking "What have you done to us!?" and then I got a sharp pain in my back and couldn't take a deep breath. After a nice ice pack, all was well and the chiropractor today assured me that everything was fine. Once I can lift my arms again, I will have another go at it...guess I am just a sucker for punishment. So I have been informed that Mr. Skellie has decided to exact revenge on me. "What is that supposed to mean?" I asked. He gave me a cold stare from his dark eye sockets...I will keep you updated....Have a great day!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

She's alive!

All I can say is thank goodness Mr. Skellie has been around to write a blog entry once in awhile because this little lady lost her mojo the last few months. Early this winter, my doctor doubled my blood pressure medicine. Well, that was okay for the first few weeks, but I noticed my energy level slowly decreasing over time. I spent less and less time in my shop and definitely more time in my robe! When my son Ben came home at Christmas, that boosted my spirits quite a bit and we hung out together and he helped me around the house. Not the most exciting stuff for a young man, but I did enjoy his company. He's off starting a life of his own now which is right and necessary, but I just couldn't seem to get back in the miniature groove. Finally, this week I cut myself back to the original amount of medicine and felt better almost immediately. The anchor around my neck was becoming lighter. So I'm here to let you know that I am typing this in my shop and puttering around in the middle of the night just like normal (?) LOL! So we will finish Marlene's Quilt Shoppe together and Mr. Skellie will be making more appearances too. I've started small, but this is what I was messing around with tonight.
I was saving these empty tissue boxes because I am a minion fan and knew I could think of something to do with these eventually. I have 4 of these sets of drawers for all sorts of junk and I thought they could use a little personalization.
So I cut out the minions, shaped them to fit and used packing tape to stick them to the fronts of the drawers.
So here is one...
and here is a second one.
Don't faint at all this creativity now, I told you I was starting small! LOL! It's nice just sitting here at my bench talking with you all tonight. Thank-you for your patience and I will talk to you all again very soon! Have a great day!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Midnight Meanderings...

I fell asleep last night only to awaken about an hour later at midnight. There were noises coming from the shop...suspicious noises. I threw on my heavy robe and tiptoed across the living room to the hall. Just as I reached the shop door, I heard a burst of laughter coming from the other side. I opened the door and asked, "What are all you guys laughing at?!" The minions were on the bench laughing and talking.
Then I saw what was going on....three of them were balanced and getting ready to poke Mr. Skellie in the butt with a sword!
I caught them just in time. When Mr. Skellie turned around I asked him what on earth he had on. He said he found a cool new shop apron for himself. He thought it looked very retro.
(The minions thought he looked like a grandma.) They asked if this had been my apron when I was little...just as I was about to answer, Mr. Skellie laughed and hollered, "No way Wide Load!" He skittered off and I was in hot pursuit. He climbed up to the top of my big bookcase and wouldn't come down until I calmed down.
I helped him down and asked where he had found that old apron. He told me he found it on the shelf and didn't think I would mind if he used it since it appeared that I had outgrown it. I let that last comment pass and asked him what he was working on. He had been taking care of all the little things that had accumulated on my bench. My steampunk sink that had fallen and come apart,
little Christmas ornaments for his tree that needed gluing,
and even the the Minions Steampunk Cottage that needed some of the equipment repaired.
He even put all my pliers away that I had kinda left all over.
He showed me all the finished projects

and then we decided to go over to the Minion's bakery, Buns and Roses, to enjoy some banana donuts.
Before we knew it, the Minions brought out some banana daiquiris as it was after hours and I don't remember much after that! LOL! Have a great day!