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Monday, April 6, 2020

Debra is getting distracted...

Mr. Skellie here. I suppose you're wondering what on earth Debra is doing. She has that nice craft area and hasn't done much in there yet. You'll never guess what I caught her doing the other day...digging in the dirt! What is up with that! I know with all the changes in her life that she hasn't worked in the garden for several years so it was actually good to see her out there. So I let her do her thing...isn't that big of me?! She even managed to get me to help her...I think she used her feminine wiles. So here I am checking out the irises:
some tulips that sprung up in the lawn,
and I even helped her transplant some teeny rosebushes. You know, those miniature rosebushes they sell on Valentine's Day that always die eventually; well the Big Guy bought her one and she was determined that it would live. So what do you do when you want to find out something? Look on the internet! There were actually 4 in the pot, so she planted each one in it's own pot and even used some Miracle Grow dirt. I think there was some prayer involved too...not sure. So here I am after all that hard work.
Now that the shop is a Reader's Digest Condensed Version, I live in a plastic drawer. I asked if she could at least find my rug so it would be a little more comfy for my bones. She grumbled a little but went on a search through the garage to find it for me. After alot of bumping and paper rattling, she found it and dragged it back to Motorhome Central.
She also brought more of her crap...I mean craft stuff in too; not sure how much more can fit in here. So far, the Big Guy hasn't said anything but I think she has reached her limit.
I remember those pink butterflies, I hope she doesn't put those on all the cabinets, the mermaids are bad enough! Now she has to do this thing called "chores" which is good I guess as the place looks a little better around here when she is done. I told her I would cheer her on and she threw a sponge at me...missed! LOL! Thanks for reading!
P.S. I almost forgot, here's what the outside of Motorhome Central looks like:

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Home Sweet Home...

It's dark and rainy today and I don't think I ever gave you a proper tour of our little home. As you come in, on your right is my recliner where you see that I have an afghan in progress.
Across from that is the craft section which I am still working on.
I need to hunt up an extension cord and you'll notice that my cool paint bottle holder is empty...all my paint froze in the shed over the winter so I have an order into Michaels for paint and brushes too as I haven't been able to find those. Next to the craft section is the dinette where we eat, watch movies and write blogs :).
Across from the dinette is the kitchen where I actually do cook food once in a while despite what Mr. Skellie says.
The mermaid over the stove top is new...I'm afraid these things are starting to take over...
A little further and you can see my small bathroom with yet more mermaid stuff.

The weathered board wallpaper is peel 'n stick I got from to work with and you'll see more of it in the bedroom. As you go through the door into the bedroom, there is yet another mermaid...
The bed is on one side of the bedroom with my very own barn door that I created out of the peel'n stick was a nice change from just a brown sliding door.
A nice vanity area is opposite the bed.
And lookee there, another bathroom! Or should I say on-suite...LOL!
So this is our little home for now and I am looking forward to another project coming soon! Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 30, 2020

Mattresses and Sofas...

Hey Everyone! Well, I was outside enjoying the beautiful weather and decided to go into Motorhome Central to see if Debra has anything available to eat. Uh oh, I turned the corner and this is what I saw:
I tell you, it's never a good sign when you come home and a mattress has been thrown I climbed over it the best I could to investigate. Now Debra had read some stories about people taking out the sofas in their campers and there were chainsaws involved...I was really hoping that the Big Guy was going to go for it big time. But the Big Guy has this bad habit of thinking things through, so instead of a chainsaw, he had wrenches and an impact driver. He started looking things over and before I could raid Debra's stash of chocolate, he started taking that old hide-a-bed sofa apart.

Then one of the grandsons came by and he put him to work too! No one is safe around here. First, all the metal parts came out,
and then they hauled those off to the back of the truck.
Next, the arms and back
and a bunch of seatbelts that were under there too. Seatbelts in a sofa...must be to keep you from falling out of your seat when the Friday night movie gets a little too exciting or something. So now that all that is gone, we can get a shop going!
I supervised all the furniture moving and Debra and the Big Guy did pretty well...a little too much grunting and panting but they did okay for people of their advanced age...LOL!
Now you would think that she would use those cabinets over the top for craft stuff but she has baking stuff up there. Baking stuff, they've lived in this thing for seven months and the only things I've seen her bake are Jiffy corn muffins and a frozen pizza! I think she needs to rethink her priorities...Ow! Whoops, Debra is reading over my shoulder, hope she didn't read the part about me snitching her chocolate...I'm out of here!  Deb here, Mr. Skellie can sure be a freshy sometimes! This was sure fun to get organized...have to figure out how to get electric over here and find all my bottles of paint but I will do that tomorrow...not too early as I am burning the midnight oil again.
That's what happens when you wake up with hiccups! But they finally stopped so I have chased Mr. Skellie to bed and am about to head there myself. I'm looking forward to starting work in my little shop and want to thank-you you all for reading.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Poking around in the Garage...

Remember how I told you that all of Debra's crap stuff, I mean craft stuff was in her daughter's garage? Well, one of the grandsons left the garage door open so I just sorta strolled inside to have a look around.
Holy Smokes! There is stuff everywhere in there! I think Debra's going to have to take over the entire motorhome for all this stuff!I found the Rolling Brickpile Steampunk looked so sad in the box!
Look over in the Labels section and you will find all kinds of posts of it and all the furniture Debra and I built. I found her Tea Shop too...
sure hope we get to fix that up, it got kinda busted up in the last move. I actually packed up all the teapots and junk for it...and yes, I was at least careful with that stuff. Her workbench is there too...
I have fond memories of all the pieces of molding I cut up when Debra wasn't looking...she still doesn't know where all that crown molding went! LOL! That chair has seen lots of use too...
that's why the cushion is so flat...Wide Load spent alot of hours in it! That will probably get moved into the motorhome along with one of her plastic tables. The space is only 67 inches wide so it might be a tight fit. Then all we have to do is decide what to put in Motorhome Central! I just heard Debra talking to the Big Guy on the cell phone...guess what they get to do when he comes home...empty the poop tanks in the motorhome! I definitely don't want to be around for that job...actually, I make myself scarce when there's any work involved! LOL! See you later!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Skeleton has spoken...

Here I am, the world famous Mr. Skellie! And yes, my ego is way bigger than I am! LOL! My fan Tammy sent me a present the other day...I just love presents...Debra hasn't made me anything lately, I don't think she loves me anymore so I am snagging her computer while she is in the shower to give you all an update. Her and the Big Guy have been living in a motorhome in the daughter's backyard for almost 7 months now. Her shop was carefully packed in boxes, not the ones I packed, but SHE was careful...LOL!And they are all in her daughter's garage and in a shed here. The plan was to build a shop in the garage but now that her daughter is married, stuff changes. Does anyone think of me around here?! Hello! The little plastic skeleton is talking! Anyhoo, I forgot to show you the present! This is me with the work apron that Debra so generously gave me...lace and all:
Now Tammy knows what I like...handcrafted with a place for my tools in a manly color!
So when Debra was helping me send a thank-you to Tammy, (she made me) she started to feel the want for a shop again....but how to do it. There's this sofa area in Motorhome Central that no one sits on as it is beastly uncomfortable.
Could it be removed and replaced with one of her workbenches so she can get her butt in gear and start making me stuff? The Big Guy said he would remove the couch and got a flashlight to get a look at all the bolts and stuff underneath. You would not believe how that is fastened in...I think the motorhome could go over a cliff and that sofa would still be attached but the Big Guy and I are going to have a go at it this weekend and I will post pictures of our progress. Oops! Debra is out of the shower and hollering about what am I doing on her computer and such...think I'll go take a peek while she is drying off...;^)

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Change of Direction...

Mr. Skellie here...I don't know about you, but I think I need to have my own blog...just letting you all know that Debra is still alive and kickin'. Between moving her son, moving her mom, selling her mom's house, her Dad passing way, selling her own house....wait, what!?
Selling the house!? Why am I always the last to know stuff around here! And they're going to move into a motorhome!?
What about me? What about my needs? I am going to have to talk to her about this....I don't think I approve one bit. Didn't we just pack up all this crap, I mean "craft supplies", a while back? Debra said she'd buy me my own packing tape dispenser so I can help...oh joy.
She told me not to worry as there will be plenty of room in Sarah's garage for our shop. I'll be glad when these people sit down and relax for awhile so I can get some Debra time. And...we will be there in a month! Yikes! This is liable to be some of the busiest time ever, but I will try to sneak away from the packing (as often as possible) and let you know what Debra's up to. Please keep her mom in prayer as she has some health problems...I should send her one of my cousins to cheer her up...with a bouquet of dead flowers!
LOL! I'm so bad...

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

My cousin is on his way!

Debra has finally made some time for me and my cousin. I mean, I like Debra's mom and everything, but like I've said before, my family of skellies are the center of her universe! She was trying to think of a good way for my cousin to travel and I thought of those cool wooden caskets she brought home a while back. Once we found one though, we tried this way
and that way
and my cousin just wouldn't fit...she could have just cut his legs off, but he wasn't too keen on that idea and didn't want to give Tammy a DIY project right at the get go; so Debra went looking in her storage closet for something else for him to travel in.  I made sure to tie a rope around her ankle in case she got lost in there and couldn't find her way out. There were a few thumps and bangs and I thought I heard a bad word, but I could have been mistaken...She came out a little red in the face and her hair was all funny but she was gripping a Savvy Minerals box complete with some fantastic black packing material.
I looked it over and thought it looked like it would be comfortable enough for the trip. My cousin was starting to have second thoughts about traveling alone so I let him have one of the cats to take with him.
He asked if Debra could cut a hole in the box so he could see out and get a little air if he needed to. (Ever since the MRI he's been prone to claustrophobia, the Big Guy totally understands.) I know I say some sketchy things about Debra sometimes, but she can be nice when she wants to be and she quickly cut a  hole in the lid for him.
She then went back into the closet to find a shipping box and found her way out without incident this time. Of course, we had to make sure the hole was in the right place so my cousin tried it out before we put him in the packing box.
After the bubble wrap was put in, I asked him if he could breathe okay..he shook his head yes
and we sealed him up!
We made a hair raising trip to the post office to make sure we got there before they closed. I think she drives faster when she has country music on and is singing at the top of her lungs, but what do I know. We made it with 5 minutes to spare, all in one piece too! When the post office guy asked if there was anything alive in the box, she said "No". I would have raised my eyebrows if I had any, but kept quiet until we were back in the truck. "Why did you lie to the post office guy?" I asked. "About what?" she said. I told her you know, about my cousin...he's alive! She told me that she didn't think the post office guy would understand and anyway, it was none of his business. So my cousin is on his way to his new home and I think I'm kind of jealous...I hear Tammy has lots of dollies and I can just see him flirting with all of them! Thanks for reading!