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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mermaid Tails and Clutter!

It has been lots of fun crocheting the mermaid tail.  We watched a movie last night and I managed to weave in all the loose ends! Yay! I have a box, I have a gift bag, this will be on its way this afternoon.  Here's what it looks like all finished:  
Time to put the crochet hook down for awhile and give the old fingers a rest.  The last time I was in the shop, it didn't look too bad.  When I peeked in this morning....holy clutter Batman!  It looks like everyone has been having fun in there except me!  
So I spent some time cleaning up a little so I could at least move around a bit in there.  The Captain greeted me with a hearty welcome and Rose hugged me tight.  I think they want me to start back up on the Summerhouse, don't you?  I tossed around the idea of putting brick paper on the inside of the exterior walls on the second floor. But after looking at it for awhile, decided to go with my original idea.  I think I'm going to have to wallpaper that small section of roof where the chandelier will be hanging as I don't think I can get in there once it's all in place. Will have to do some thinking about that one.  

Well, it's off to the post office I go with the mermaid tail!  Have a great day!