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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Porch and Calamity!

I have been cautiously glueing on bits and pieces that I have made for the Summerhouse. I try to think through whether it will be in the way of something else or there's a chance of it getting knocked off. The bathroom exhaust fan seemed to be okay to glue on, so here it is: 
I know I can't glue the balcony on yet, but I can glue on the sticks with rivets: 
I glued the porch posts in place and borrowed one of my husband's clamps to hold them in place.  I also was able to finish painting another piece of the porch roof and glue it into place.

I knew it was time to quit, but I had another idea I wanted to start on the back of the house. I needed some, well, kind of alot, of rivets and wanted to use the smaller ones I had. It was kind of awkward trying to glue them on, so I had the house in my lap. Well, these smaller ones are adhesive backed and they were stuck to my fingers, stuck under my fingernails and stuck to the tweezers! Everywhere but where I wanted them! Of course I had a rapt audience and I swear one of the minions was selling popcorn as I was being quite entertaining! LOL! I managed to unstick them only to find that I had knocked out one of the porch posts and knocked the fender loose. Got those fixed again and finally got all of the rivets where they were supposed to be and now have to wait for glue to dry.  When things get tough, the tough get going...out of the room and on to something else! LOL! Have a great day all!

Had to add a PS to all this craziness....I was washing my hands and in the mirror saw two more of the adhesive backed rivets stuck to my arm:Then when I took off my flip flops, there was another one glued to my little toe! I guess I'm just stuck on this hobby! LOL!