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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A Small Challenge...

Well, first of all, when I walked into the shop tonight I was greeted with hoots and hollers from the Minions and a "Hey! Wide Load's back!" from the skellie's section of the shop. I pretended to ignore them and went about my business digging out a piece of stripwood and glue and paint. "She's going to make something! Woo! Hoo!" I think that one actually came from the Quilt Shop...So I started giggling and they all knew I was indeed back! Since it's down to 15 degrees outside and we turn our heat down to 59 at night...yup, that's not a typo; I turned up my little heater in the shop
and am nice and cozy in here. When I posted a picture of Mr. Skellie's new game, Tammy suggested that I add a base to the game to make it higher for him. She was concerned he might get a subluxation and would have to make a trip to the chiropractor. I had to take the batteries out of the game to get him to stop playing so he was a little irritated with me. I was originally going to use some pieces of paint stick for the base but it would have made it too tall. After thinking some more, I found some 3/4" stripwood
and proceeded to cut the pieces to size.
A little sanding,
a little glue and it fit just right.
When the glue was dry, the base was painted black and set aside to dry.
While I waited, I put tools away and organized my basket of various glues and cements. I used the white glue super glue to glue the base on
and I think Mr. Skellie approves!
In fact, he said that Tammy ought to message me on Facebook with her address and he would send one of his cousins to stay with her. Sounded good to me! I am off to bed now, thanks for reading.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

A new game!

So much news to tell! Remember my last post where I was getting ready for a visit from my daughter and her 7 children? We had a great time and took the camper to see my son Caleb and his family and then a trip to the beach. We were hoping that they would decide to come here to Tennessee to live. Our daughter and our 7 grandchildren enjoyed the weather here and our company (of course...LOL!) and then went back to Wyoming. It wasn't too long after that our daughter made the decision to move here! It was a whirlwind time of looking at homes and we found one that we all agreed was perfect. They moved here in the middle of the remodeling and we have been busy almost every weekend turning it into a home they can love for a long time. We took this weekend off and I started thinking about my shop again. So on Friday when I was headed out to the local Dollar General, Mr. Skellie asked if he could go along. "Okay" I said, "But don't be begging for everything while we're there!" He promised to be good and did very well...he didn't even make a wide load comment when I picked up a box of Ding Dongs...But, like when you take children to the store, it can be that checkout line where the real challenge begins. Mr. Skellie saw a small display of  miniature arcade games and started to reminisce about the old days hanging out at the arcade with a handful of quarters. I tried to ignore him but I could see the longing in his eye sockets and I haven't been real attentive I caved. I told him to pick out one and he chose Pac Man.
When I got it home, of course I couldn't leave it alone cause part of the packaging was this neat cardboard sign.
I could just mount this on the top and make it a little taller and cooler.
But first, I had to clear off my work space as little projects started to clutter it up. The main one was a tiny room box I had made for my daughter that had fallen to pieces in her move. Now I can give it back to her all whole.
Next, I dug through my stash of plastic bits and found two of these.
I just used some white glue super glue to glue them on the the sign
and then to the top of the game.
This even has sound effects! So now I hear the old familiar sounds of the Pac Man game and Mr. Skellie is enjoying re-learning an old game.
Thank-you for reading.