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Friday, August 7, 2015

This is a drill, this is a drill....

The light finally came on the other day...."Hey, I have a rotary tool!" So I dumped out the box of attachments and looked for a small drill. Sure enough, there was one just a little bigger than the one in my pin vise. Also made good use of the little vise that's kinda been kicking around for quite awhile. After drilling a few holes on the end of the steps, I lined up the small pieces with pins to see how they fit. I'll have to cut the pins shorter, but I think this is going to work! I'll just drill the holes in the tiny pieces with the pin vise and use the rotary tool on the rock maple step pieces. Also found some nice diamond plate images and sized and printed out what I needed. I chose a color that closely matches the silver paint on the side pieces.  So the experiment continues! And don't forget to wear your eye protection when you use power tools:  Have a great day all!