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Friday, August 7, 2015

Newlyweds and Overhauls.....

Well, the loving couple are back at last! The Captain and Rose came rolling in right after lunch. Just in time too. As you remember, the Summerhouse was worked on by our skeleton crew and they are known for taking shortcuts! The Summerhouse was chugging it's way down the street a little noisier and a little slower than when it left. When I asked the skellies about it, they just hopped on their carnival ride and turned it up as fast as they could go. I could have sworn that a couple of them had their bony hands over their ear holes and were saying "Na Na Na Na Boo Boo!" But the newlyweds got back safely and didn't have any serious engine trouble or flat tires. Rose was all excited about their trip and was talking a mile a minute as I started taking everything out to start the overhaul. She showed me her souvenirs and told me all about the places they'd been. They even went to a botanical garden that specialized in monster sized plants.  They visited Amish country and shopped in antique stores. I took pictures of her treasuresand also have to start on the display case for her shells. The Captain inspected the scissor steps and said he approved and that I had his permission to install them. LOL! He also put in his order for a shaving mirror with the same kind of scissor action....should be interesting. Rose said the best part of the trip was when they went to Disneyworld! I do hope the mouse ears aren't a permanent part of her hat.....Have a great weekend all!