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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Metal Roofing......

I was excited to try out the roof pieces on the Summerhouse,so propped them in place to have a look. While looking at the roof as a whole, I realized that there is no way to hide all the tab slots and have the "seams" line up. I was puzzling about this when I decided to check out images online. So, on most of the roofs the seams lined up, but then there were some that didn't so I guess I am okay. I'm not sure how much the seams will show anyway after I do the verdigris work. Have to go finish some grass mowing, then I will be back. 

Was dragging my tail feathers after mowing the lawn! LOL! Almost a 1/2 acre with a push mower! Whew! After looking at the pictures of roofs online, I noticed that on some of them the seams lined up with the middle of the spaces on adjoining pieces of roof. My layout has pretty much worked out that way too, so I am happy with it. I started by painting the main sections of the roof with the Bronze.  After a light sanding, I temporarily put them on the house to start laying out the seams.  Here is the front roof piece with the seams almost complete. It's been a little tricky covering the tab slots and lining up the seams, but I figure life is full of imperfection, right? LOL!This still needs a piece here and there and then the painting can start! Have a great evening all!