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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Had a go at the roof of the bay window today and thought it came out pretty good. I searched online for different verdigris effects and this is a combination of what I found. Some people like more green, some more turquoise.  Have fun and do your own thing!
Step 1, Several coats of Craftsmart Metallic Bronze

Step 2, Sponge painted with Craftsmart Campground

Step 3, Sponge painted with Americana Seaglass

Step 4, Sponge painted with FolkArt Metallic Antique Copper

Step 5, Sponge painted with Craftsmart Ocean Breeze

Step 6, A wash of thinned white dabbed off with a paper towel

Have more ideas for finishing the rest of the bay so will keep the pics coming.