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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Laundry Day at the Summerhouse....and Front End Work

Rose announced that it was laundry day and you should have seen people disappear! LOL! She's been teaching the steampunk robot how to operate the Wringer Dinger Washer and he has really gotten the hang of it. But there was a fatal flaw to her plan; she decided to include minions on this venture. It all sounded so innocent at first. All they had to do was hold the laundry basket and catch the clothing that shot out of the wringer part of the washer.... Rose figured two minions could handle the job without any problems. Things seemed to be going well when the rest of the minions decided they wanted in on the fun too. They all grabbed baskets from my stash and positioned themselves to catch laundry too.  What happened next was epic....laundry was shooting out of the wringer, minions were running everywhere trying to catch it, grabbing laundry out of each others baskets and then smacking each other with the wet laundry. Then one of them got smacked in the head with underwear and they all dissolved in laughter! I thought the skellies were going to fall off their carnival ride they were laughing so hard and Rose got a fit of the giggles and couldn't even talk! When she regained her composure, she gave the minions the rest of the day off. The laundry finally did get done, but we were all out of breath from laughing. When calm returned, I started working on what is technically the front end of the Summerhouse. This end has been ignored because I can't really finish it all the way until wiring and interior wallpaper are done.  So I added the brick paper and decided I could glue on the front bumper that I had built quite a while ago.  I made more sticks with rivets and the front is starting to take shape. The large opening is for the bay window which will be the helm area.  I have headlights made too, but they stick out too far so will have to wait until the interior is done also. I still have to finish the brick paper on each side of the large bay near the porch, then we can finally do the porch roof and the porch posts. Have a great day all!