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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Minions Across America...

The more I thought about what's ahead for this summer, the more I realized that trying to work on miniatures when we are in a different place every day would be very difficult. I had made the decision to put working on them on hiatus for the summer and was sad about that when Bob came up to me and pulled on my sleeve. I looked down and saw his quivering lip and his little voice saying, "I want to come too...." Then Kevin came in dragging their suitcases and it was decided.
We will do Minions Across America! LOL! Kevin and Bob were overjoyed and we all had banana donuts to celebrate. The other minions said they had businesses to run and couldn't afford to take the summer off. After all, tourist season and all. So Bob ran in the shop and grabbed his teddy and we loaded them up along with everything else.
They think they're going on a grand tour, but in reality it will be alot of waiting by the side of the road for Bill. Maybe they will share the banana donut recipe with me and we can cook up a batch. So watch this space for pictures of Kevin and Bob going across this great country of ours. Have a great day!