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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Entry posted 
I've been stalling putting the brick paper on this project. I admit it, stalling. I've been stalling
on the electrical too....So, from out of the blue comes the realization that this build reminds
me of the Neverwas Haul that I have saved pictures of. Suddenly, lots of new things popped
into my head; "I have an old toy compass I could do something with....I need a helm of 
course....and the Captain could be the miniature of the Titanic captain I picked up at Christmas 
Tree Shops years ago on clearance for 19 cents!" Needed to design headlights and tailights
and of course, needed wheels! The wheels arrived from Ebay the other day and the front
ones look too big to me. So they will be saved for the skellies bus project and I've ordered 
smaller ones. The stalling was actually a good thing, now I can wrestle with putting wheels 
on the underside without worrying about the paper exterior. And it's a good thing I didn't get 
to the electrical, now I can add what I need for the extra exterior lights. A fellow Greenleafer 
posted about the Tiny House Nation, Episode 3, Season 3 about a Steampunk tiny house. I 
was surprised and pleased to see the Neverwas Haul featured in the show. Nice close-ups of 
some of the details. As a side note, please pray for my son Ben, he is in the Air force and 
leaving for Turkey this weekend. Won't see him for 2 or 3 years...will miss him.