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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Steampunk Minion!

Had one of those sleepless nights last night so found myself looking through images of steampunk goggles to make for "Tex".  He insists that he still prefers to be addressed as such even if he can't ride a horse.  Since he really didn't have a name, I thought, sure, why not.  I was looking through my smallest watch parts to see if some goggles would jump out at me when I happened to notice the minions all intently watching me.  I looked at them and said, "What?"  "We all have goggles......and Vincent over there would like to be your first volunteer...."  LOL! Why had I not seen it before! So Vincent got a steampunk makeover!  Before I could finish, he borrowed Doc's hat and started posing for the other minions.
 When he was finished with that I added a few more pieces and he was so excited he could barely sit still! LOL! 

I think someone is hoping for a spot on the Steampunk Summerhouse when it rolls off to new adventures....but that's okay, Rose has a soft spot for these guys and I'm sure it will be no trouble to find a little place somewhere in the house for him.  Have some ironing and cleanup to do so you have a great day!