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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Painting Wheels!

Entry posted 
Working on painting the wheels today. Black tires, silver rims. Playing the 
touch-up-the-black, touch-up-the-silver, touch-up-the-black game...I think 
they're finally done! LOL! Besides, tires are only going to get dirty anyway, 

Some of the pictures of the Neverwas Haul have some color on the
"hubcaps" so will be considering that option too. Maybe only two out of the 
four. Still have a large wagon wheel to paint, then I will be dry brushing those 
with FolkArt Gunmetal Gray metallic so they look more like metal wheels. 
After all those are done, I'll be digging through my stash of electric lights to 
use. I purchased quite a few years ago and haven't put them to good use yet 
so I guess it's time. Captain Morin is still on vacation, so he hasn't been 
breathing down my neck to work faster...thank goodness! He did mention 
that it was about time I put his portrait on here before he left so I guess I'd 
better get on that!
I'll be going to visit my mom for a couple
of days, so everyone here have a wonderful 
Memorial Day weekend!