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Friday, August 7, 2015

Portraits of Frustration!

I was searching online and came across a photo of our dear Captain! I'll have to print it and frame it up for Rose, I'm sure she will love it!  The Titanic was an unfortunate incident in his career, so I think that's why he prefers more of a "land yacht" right now. I hope he doesn't have any mechanical trouble on the trip, those skellies are not the most reputable of mechanics, you never know what they'll be up to next! They're always trying to get something apart, I'm surprised the steampunk family managed to get them to least I hope they helped, the skellies always have an agenda all their own. Maybe I'll hear from Rose soon; perhaps she'll send a postcard next week. I'll be sure and share it with you all here.

So, these scissor stairs are kinda making me nuts! After cutting them to size:  I thought it would be easy to drill small holes in the ends of each step...ha! I think this paint stick is made from rock maple! I finally have one hole drilled out of 18! Between using the tiny drill that has now discovered how to unscrew itself just like Selkie's and using a corsage pin, I think it took twenty minutes to finish! So DH and I are going to put our heads together and see if we can come up with something else. I wanted to have a diamond plate finish on the steps but couldn't find a source for it in miniature. Thanks to the Greenleaf Forum, they directed me to Oakridge Hobbies and Toys website where they have it in several scales. Then the thrifty Yankee in me kicked in and thought, why not just do a google search for images of it......score! All I have to do is pick out the one I want, size it a little and print it out and we shall have diamond plate steps! That's if I ever get the silly holes drilled in them.......Have a great day all!