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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Working on the Exterior

Nope, I didn't get lost, just lost in a book for a couple of days! Now I'm back and ready to work. I started out spraying the Tudor trim with a clear matte finish. The spray seemed to give the pieces a slight texture that was unexpected, but I think I like it.
Since it was starting to rain, I put the pieces in the spare room and shut the door to minimize the odor.  Next, I started on the floor. I was originally going to use a piece of paper flooring, but the grain on the plywood looked fine enough to use for the flooring instead.  I used an old nut pick and my cork-backed ruler to make grooves in the floor.  
I used my stain pen because that's what I had in the shop but it probably would have been faster to just grab a rag and a can of stain and put it on that way.
Rubbed the excess off with a paper towel and put that in the spare room to dry too.
The next step was to sand around the insides of all the window and door openings and paint them to match the Tudor trim.
So that was set aside to dry too. The final thing of the day was the work on the Banana Farm. The second banana tree arrived the other day and the other two crates of bananas arrived today so the Banana Farmer was eager to get his shop in order.
These started out to be homes for the minions, but it seems that quite a few of them want to run their own businesses. But that's okay, we can be flexible!  Everything should be dry by tomorrow, then we will start the stonework on the rest of the exterior of the Steampunk Tudor! Have a great evening!