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Friday, October 30, 2015

Bits of Random...

Did a little work on the restaurant. The front doors have been glued on
and I started cutting the cardboard strips for the roof.
I started glueing them on and realized I wanted to start from the front, not the back. So I started on the other side, then got distracted and put another one on the wrong end. So the strip in the middle has a little more space around it. Then dear hubby said when you do metal roofing, you start in the middle. Well, now I will know that for next time! LOL! Put the first coat of paint on one side...
looks like it will need one or two more. Once the light comes in, I can glue it all together. So in the meantime, I started to think about the next building. It will be the Greenleaf Village store with the two bay windows. At first it was going to be a flower shop, then after seeing the delightful bakery in the November issue of American Miniaturist, I think the minions would like a place to buy their morning donuts too! I tossed around some names...Flora and Fauna, no, that's not right. Bread and Flowers? Wheat and Roses? Then dear hubby said, "How about Buns and Roses?" We both burst out laughing and decided it had to be that one! So maybe that will get started sometime next week.  

The other day when it was raining so much, the sun finally came out in the early evening. Just in time for a beautiful rainbow!
And that evening, a Halloween moon!
Have a great evening!