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Saturday, October 3, 2015

These Rocks are Heavy!

I dry-brushed the painted parts of the exterior, now the texture shows up a little more.
Promised you some stonework today so I went out to my dear hubby's shop and got some leather gloves and the wheelbarrow.  Mixing the Quickcrete was a little messy, but we got the job done! ;) Just kidding! Just used my fabric and a little white glue! LOL! First, I traced around the wooden sides and then cut out the pieces.  
They didn't have to line up perfectly in most cases because the exterior trim covers quite a bit. Here they are with all the stonework done.
And of course I had to try out the trim to see how it would look:  
Can't wait to see what this is going to look like all glued together! I had trouble sleeping last night so was up working on this a little but mostly thinking about how I was going to light it.  I just needed one light run by a battery pack.....where was I going to find one? I thought and thought and finally realized I already have one!  
I found it in the scrapbook section in Michael's a while back and of course used my 40% off coupon. I think it came out to about $4.00.It's a little big, but with the large roof on this house, it won't really be seen and I can disguise the battery pack as a steampunk piece in the back yard. Bill even offered to pick up a couple more for me on his way home from work. Michael's is 2 miles away from him but it's a half hour drive one way from home.  That's a lot of miles for a $4 item.....The last project of the day was glueing in the windows.  Since they wouldn't lay flat on the glue, added a little weight to the project.
No, it's not a paint bottle convention, just trying to hold the windows down until the glue dries! LOL! Oh, took care of another little project while I was awake last night...the McMinions concession stand now carries ice cream!
So all his wares are in place and he is officially open for business.  He decided that having bananas available would be a little risky with all the banana peels and he didn't want to have to increase his liability insurance. I suggested he get with the Banana Farmer and see if he is going to carry dried banana chips as an alternative. These minions sure have a head for business. Have a nice evening!