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Monday, October 19, 2015

Kegs and Beer Taps...

While I was working on a design for the back bar, I thought it would be fun to have some beer kegs with beer taps on them. The problem was, what on earth do you use for those in 1/4" scale?! Since I just received my order for the 1/4" scale plastic furniture from the other day, I looked through all the little pieces to see what I could come up with. I also looked through my stash of wooden things to see if there was something that would mimic beer barrels. I thought these looked promising, so went to work.
A little stain, a little sawing and this is what we have so far.

I thought the little red water pumps that came with the kitchen furniture would work as beer taps. At first, I thought the X beads were a funny addition for handles, but they seem way too big to me.
Found some wooden beads and crimp beads and think that will be a good alternative.
The beer taps were painted silver and set aside to dry. Once I could handle them, I cut off the large base and gave them a second coat of silver.
I gingerly put a wooden bead and crimp bead in place before they were dry just to see how it would look.
Maybe a second crimp bead on the bottom? Or maybe put the crimp bead and then the wooden bead. Well, have to wait for paint to dry before I can do any more, but I am happy with the result. The crominions are already planning their first October fest and want me to hurry up before it turns into a November fest! LOL! Enjoying the fall weather here....have a great day!