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Friday, October 9, 2015

Roofing and Landscaping...

I learned something new tonight....don't wear a fleece robe when you are working with sheet moss! All the little bits that fly off while you're cutting end up sticking to your robe and you begin to feel like you have a Ghillie Suit on! LOL! I finished cutting the pieces to size and glued them to the roof with white glue.  A strip was glued along the ridge of the roof to give it more of a rounded over look.
Narrow strips of moss were cut for the edges of the roof and it was done. The next step was something for grass.  I bought some fake grass a few months ago that came in a roll. It was supposed to be used to add more realism to artificial potted plants.  I had to peel the backing off as it was too thick, but the grass part is very realistic looking.
A few narrow strips was all it took. Now for the fun part! I dug through my fake flowers picking out the smallest ones I could find. A garden took shape out front and I found part of a tree that made a great shrub.
Next, I pulled out my boxes of gears and metal pieces and put together a steampunk something-or-ruther and made a coil with my copper wire wound around a knitting needle to shape it.
The battery pack for the interior light was painted and steampunked also. As you can see, the building inspector has dropped by to make sure all my contraptions are set up properly.
The front door has an opening assembly on it as well and I found some things for an exterior light.  
The Minions are very pleased. Since the moss has been very unruly from the start, Vincent hired one of the pirate minions to keep it under control on the roof. Those guys are fearless!
Must be all that time spent clambering around in the sails while aboard ship. So here is our second 1/4" scale house finished
and as I was getting ready to hit the trail myself, noticed the light on and heard the party still going strong.
There's nothing quite like a happy Minion Village! Have a great day! Which one shall we build next?