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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Corporate Decisions....

Big changes in the shop today.  The skellies have been giving the crominions a hard time about the Paleo restaurant.  The little cavemen have become the butt of all kinds of jokes by the bony band of brothers. They were sulking in the corner when one of them got a call on their cell..(no, I didn't know they had phones either...hope they got a good plan.) A corporation had read about them on my blog and wanted to offer them a franchise!  After a short discussion, they said "Yes"! So the Minion Village will now have its first chain restaurant....Outback Steakhouse!  Well, the news traveled fast and it wasn't long before the skellies were slinking off back to their carnival ride. One of the crominions admitted to me that he said yes because he liked the colors on the outside. Later on, I heard all of them practicing their Australian accents and the air was full of "Blimey" and "put another shrimp on the barbie".  They've already ordered very large knives like Crocodile Dundee...those skellies won't be bothering them any more! LOL! So now that I have a direction to go in, I searched the internet for exterior shots of the restaurant and picked the most colorful looking ones for inspiration. Finally finished all the sanding and all the pieces are ready for paint.  Looks like the stone patterned fabric will come back out of it's container and I dug out some gold and green for siding and trim.  
I think our cow will be somewhere on the exterior too.  The interior will have lots of wood
and I need to order more sets of 1/4" scale plastic furniture to have some fun with. I think the front steps will be cement, so glued those in place so they can be painted and slightly textured.  
I found a sign I thought I might use, but I think I'll save that for the Boardinghouse. So after spending time painting and staining and glueing, time to let it all dry! Have a great evening!