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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Minion Mania!

S was so right about keeping my new camera away from the minions, I wasn't feeling well last night and forgot and left it in my shop. Everything looked normal when I walked into the shop this morning, but when I checked my camera, it was full of pictures! There were selfies,
pictures of a game of soccer,
a game called "catch the minion with the tweezers"...which I didn't even know was a game!
And then some general silliness.

I think I would call this some major goofing off! I have to admit I did laugh quite a bit and when the minions finally crawled out of their beds this morning, I put them to work. I had a rough night, so I played supervisor.  I put one to work finishing up the painting in the inside of the overhang
and got a few more of them to move furniture into the restaurant. In fact, there were so many of them helping, we couldn't get the furniture in so had to chase some of them out. In the process, one of the beer taps broke off and there was general pandemonium trying to find enough mugs to catch it all! One of the minions solved the problem by putting his mouth over the broken part. He'll be sleeping that off for awhile! LOL! At last, the tap was repaired and all the furniture was in place. Looks good!
If I was feeling better, I'd go in and have a nice juicy steak. Of course a bout with the stomach bug means I don't get to drive up and see my mom, so I think I will just order the lights I need online. While I wait for those to arrive I can start cutting the strips for the seams on the metal roof and work on the landscaping. For now though, think I will go lay down. Have a great day!