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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Window Glass and Spray Paint...

After trimming and gluing all those tiny windows, I was getting a little bleary eyed! If I'm going to continue building these teeny houses, I think a new magnifying lamp will be in order. Harbor Freight has one for $39.95 and then they have a 20% off coupon so I think that is the way I'm going to go. Dear Hubby does a lot of driving with his company, so he offered to pick it up for me on his way by. Yay! So all of the plastic windows are in and I started putting the trim around them,
then with my twitchy eye, I decided to do something different for awhile. I remembered that I had to remove the Outback Steakhouse sign so I can add the extension to the front. Again, the glue held really well so I ended up causing a little damage.
But with some sanding and repainting, it was back to being presentable.
Of course, with the new extension on the front you won't even see this part unless you stand on your head but I know it's there! LOL! I was looking at images of the restaurant interiors online and found that in most of the Outback Steakhouses, the furniture is black. So I dug around for my black spray paint and then wrapped a piece of packing tape around a piece of cardboard to stick the furniture to.  
I remembered to use my plastic glove this time but still managed to spray paint my wrist black in the now looks like I had some kind of horrible accident. Oh well, it will wear off in a few days. So I'll let all the furniture dry overnight  and start trimming around more windows.  Have a great afternoon!