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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Leaf Peeping and an Awesome Toy Store!

Dear Hubby and I decided to take a break and go look at the leaves yesterday.  It was warm and we enjoyed the ride through the Appalachians. Of course, pretty soon, I was starving! LOL! So after a bacon cheeseburger at Pals, we went to REI in Asheville, NC and noticed an O.P.Taylor's. I had never been to one and when I walked through the door, I swear I heard angels singing! We were wowed by the Lego sets and laughed at the big robotic dinosaur. But when I came to the Calico Critters, I thought of all my Greenleaf forum friends and how they love to use these cute little animal families in some of their builds. Since I needed to try out the new camera, I made a video and had fun downloading it to YouTube.  Here is the final result for your enjoyment...

Not too much going on in the shop today.  The crominions now have enough smoked meat to feed everyone in the village a few times over so they are giving it a rest today. Dear Hubby and I will be organizing the office...that's going to take awhile! LOL! So enjoy the video and I will see you tomorrow! Have a great day!