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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Onward and Upward!

Time to put those walls up! There was a general air of celebration as the minions cheered to see the walls go up. First I glued two sets of long and short walls.

While that was drying, I worked on finishing up the front doors. One last coat of finish and I glued the glass in. All the pictures I had looked at showed large brass hardware on the entry doors of Outback Steakhouses so I dug around and found two handles left over from a 1/12" scale project. They looked pretty good to me, so on they went!
Since the restaurant was still in the clamps, I painted the seats of the bar stools. These come in the bathroom set of plastic furniture and I always thought they were a little high. Perfect for bar stools! I know, purple?!
I didn't choose the color, the crominions hired a decorator and that's what was decided....I just do what I'm told around here. I do think they look pretty good with the bar, maybe the decorator knows what he's doing....;)
While the bar stools were drying, I removed the two sections of restaurant from the clamps and it was a race to get all the glue on the various parts and then clamp it up before something dried. So now the four walls and the floor are in the clamps and drying.
I was tearing the shop apart trying to find those few scraps of foamcore I had saved. I just need one small piece for the front of the overhang. So far, no luck. Well, I will keep looking. Have a great day!