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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lots of Little Details...

Finished up the beer kegs and glued the parts together.
After I took the picture, I added smaller crimp beads to the tops of the beer taps....can never leave anything alone...LOL! I remembered that I hadn't put any clear finish on the floor, so took care of that too. After the first coat, I did a gentle sanding then put on a second coat. It came out nice.
Of course, I had to try out all the furniture and see how the back bar looked with everything glued in place.
The minions saw a couple of the walls going up and started lining up outside to make reservations. Just a little longer fellas! The back bar accessories looked a little flat to me, so got out my teeny scissors and cut out more bottles and put a tiny piece of card on the back of them. Then with a little bit of glue along the bottom edge, they were put in place.
If I had an open side on this build, I would have gone with more 3 dimensional bottles and glasses. But these will only be visible through the windows with a dim interior light, so I think this will work just fine. With all the furniture arranged, I thought it needed more color so printed out a rug and used some clear matte sealer on it. It's glued in place with glue stick and will be a little warmer underfoot once winter comes.
The next thing was a quick dry brush on the front steps--a little more dimension.
And the last project of the day was the telephone. The one that came with the plastic furniture needed a little more detail.
So with one of my tiniest brushes, we painted it up too!
I trimmed a few more windows and then had to quit for the day. Should be able to start gluing it together tomorrow! Woo! Hoo! Have a great day!