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Saturday, October 10, 2015

The CroMinions Speak!

When I went into the shop, I heard a deep discussion going on on my workbench. I turned the corner to see the crominions talking about the restaurant they want to open.  "Paleo" is going to be the name of it.
Sort of a "so easy a caveman can do it" kind of place.  I was trying not to giggle when I heard the name, as they are a very serious bunch. So looks like that is the next building we are putting together. I started with the School House and bashed it a bit. I started by cutting off the tab on each piece, then cut off the end window part.

Glued the tab back on and let the glue dry. I didn't want the front step all the way across the front so shortened each side of that too.  
Here are the pieces laid out in order and again in dry fit.
So the next step will be sanding, sanding, sanding. I even found a cow that can be used as a decorator inside! LOL!
Since it was rainy today, we went out and did a few errands. We ended up at Michael's... Yay!  I found a neat set of lights that I think will work perfectly in the Boarding House....oh yeah, forgot to tell you about that one....the minions want one of those too.

I couldn't believe that such tiny lights could be so bright!  Can't wait to start the Boarding House so I can use them! Have a great evening!