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Monday, October 5, 2015

A New Rug for Rose and Steampunk Tudor

I recently purchased a handmade rug from Anna, one of my friends on the Greenleaf Forum. It arrived in the mail on Saturday and I am just tickled pink! Her mom stitches these and does lovely work. Even though I didn't have the backing done yet, Rose wanted to try it out in the Summerhouse.
She thinks it will be just perfect and gave me a big hug.  Her little Boston Terrier loved the surprise chew toy too!
The Captain likes the new carpet also and has been walking around the Summerhouse trying to decide where he wants all the light fixtures and outlets. Until he does, I can busy myself with the Minion Village. As seen in a brief clip in one of the movies, these guys just divide to make more of themselves so I am beginning to be seriously outnumbered. Bill hung up the village shelf for me yesterday and all the minions have been keeping the Banana Farmer very busy. 

So at least once a day, I hear the dirt bike start up and the minions have built a ramp so they can get to the banana farm. I work amongst all this craziness! The Steampunk Tudor is coming along slowly.  After tracing around the pieces for the wallpaper, discovered I couldn't trace the window openings because I had glued in the plastic windows!
After a moment, I thought of a way to do it, but when building the next one, I'll have to remember to trace around the parts for wallpaper before I glue the windows in!
I cut out some of the stripes in the wallpaper to use for trim around the windows. Glueing this on proved to be a little more demanding than I thought as I was getting cross-eyed after the fourth window! I had some lace that made the perfect curtains
and of course had to try out the trim to see how it would look.
Three more windows to go and I can glue this together! Have a great day!