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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Here's to Sleepless Nights!

Had one of those sleepless nights so went into the shop to get something accomplished. I had been laying there thinking about how to make a lace tablecloth for the Steampunk Tudor....who knew a lace tablecloth could keep you awake! Since I had already thought it through, I got up and put it together.  A circle of lace with a band of lace around the edge.  The lace had been gathered at one time, so had a few crinkles in it that reminded me of the folds on a tablecloth.  This worked perfectly for around the edge of the table.  
Then, before the roof can go on, I wanted to add just a few pieces of furniture.  Some of it will be visible through the open front door; to see the rest requires that you press your nose against the window...LOL!  Just be sure the local law enforcement is not around when you do that...could look a little peculiar. ;) So here are couple of shots through the windows before I put the roof on.  
Vincent has been jumping up and down he is so excited and he's invited the rest of the vampire minions to come live there too.  I glued one half of the roof on and then decided how low I wanted the light fixture to hang inside.  I cut a small V in the roof to accommodate the wire and then used a piece of packing tape to secure the wire to the roof.

Another piece of tape under the eaves kept it in place and then I had to think what I was going to do with all the extra wire. I noticed that the wire held its shape when you bent it, so tried wrapping it carefully around a knitting needle to end up with a coil.  

That took care of the extra length and I think it will look good as part of the steampunk equipment that will come later on.  The bulb is a little dim even with fresh batteries, but it gives a cozy light similar to candlelight so Vincent is content.  Have a great day!