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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Grass Mowing and Bracelets

Whew! Mowed the grass today..Gasp, Wheeze! Actually got quite a bit done as it was only 65 degrees out. Have been having a little trouble with my thumb joints, so thought I would put together an amber bracelet to wear. Amber is supposed to help with pain and inflammation so I thought I would give it a try. I have an amber necklace that I tried wearing but my hair kept getting caught in the beads so it's just been hanging around. About time to put it to good use!
I re-used the magnetic clasp and attached a couple of jump rings to each half. After attaching the beading wire and crimping the crimp beads, I was ready to start stringing.  
Aside from the magnetic clasp attaching itself to my pliers once in awhile, things went pretty well.
One of the cromininions was chasing stray beads for me so it was a group effort.
I also found a tiny heart in my stash, so decided to add that to perk it up a little.
If this works well, I'll make one for the other wrist too as that thumb also is giving me a little trouble. Before I knew it, the mail lady had arrived. I just love mail. Sure enough, there was a small box carefully slid into the mailbox. It took me some finagling, but I finally was able to get it out of the mailbox! LOL! Inside were the 1/4" scale plastic furniture that I ordered! Woo! Hoo!
I was looking at interior shots of Outback Steakhouse earlier today so have some ideas for them.  I wanted to have a bar in there too, but have to think of something I can make teeny bottles out of.  Then you'll all be invited for banana daiquiris! Keep in mind though, they will be minion sized but they do have lots of banana in them! LOL! Have a nice evening!