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Friday, October 2, 2015

Details, Details, Details....

The rest of the house pieces have been sanded and the last coat of textured paint is on the upper sections.  After the third coat of stippled paint, this is how it looks.  
Also touched up the edges of the Tudor trim. Be sure and check the edges in natural light.  I found some spots I missed while they were under the bright shop light.  
Tried out the stone fabric too...really like how that looks. That will cover all the lower sections of our Tudor.
Yesterday, I used the matte finish spray on the floor but didn't like how it turned out. I used some clear gloss on it today and like the subtle shine. You notice I made sure to use a glove this time.... 
I thought it would be fun to hinge the door, but realized that it was designed to be glue shut against the edge of the floor. Since I wanted the door to open inward, I used my little chop saw to cut off about 1/16" from the bottom of the door.  This way, it clears the floor and looks more realistic.  A couple of coats of Americana Deep Burgundy paint and we're ready to hinge the door.
I used a piece of Priority envelope that was made from Tyvek. It was glued in place with Elmer's and you can see in the photo how the door has been trimmed shorter.
Since I had to wait for the glue to dry, I thought I would try a little steampunk on the front door.  
This could change, but it was fun to dig around in all my gears and watch parts.  I think a rod or two might be necessary too.I need to dry brush the textured parts of the exterior so it shows up more, paint the interior side of the door and then glue the windows on the inside. The wallpaper will cover the edges of the plastic windows and I think some strips of the wallpaper will do as window trim. I think our Steampunk Minion is going to love it! Have a great evening!