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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Let's Have a House Raising!

I finished the trim around the last three windows and added the curtains. Also trimmed out around the little window in the door as the plastic "glass" kept popping off.
So, are we indeed ready to glue this whole shebang together?! Yes!  The first step was gluing two sets of a long and short side and letting them dry.  Much easier than trying to wrestle with all four corners at once. Once those were dry, I applied glue to all the edges that needed it and into the clamps it went!  
While that was drying, I went on a search for some ads for oriental rugs that I had saved from a magazine.  I finally found them in with my scrapbook paper.  I briefly thought about a wall-to-wall rug, but I did spend some time on finishing out the floor, so decided to create a runner for the middle of the room.  I cut off a section of the border and carefully pieced edging on the sides that were missing it.  
After a shot of clear matte spray, here is how it looks.
By this time, the glue was dry on the house and I freed it from the clamps. I glued on the tiny roof pieces over the front door the way I thought they should go.....guess what, I was wrong! LOL!
The pieces had to be encouraged a little with my Exacto knife, but did finally come off.  After glueing them on the right way, this is what it looked like.
Since starting this little house, I have been wondering what to use for the roofing material. Shingles? Fake fur? Oooo, I know.....sheet moss!  I pulled out the roll of sheet moss again and cut off enough to do the roof.
As usual, little bits of moss....everywhere! LOL! It made a trip outdoors and got a healthy spray of clear matte finish to help hold it together. Just have to wait for that to dry and we can start assembling the roof! Have a great day!