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Monday, September 28, 2015

Steampunk Tudor

To start with, I finally figured out the "Label" feature, so now you can scroll down on the right and look up something specific that you are interested in. I've seen this on other blogs and it seems like a very handy feature. Starting a new build today; our second 1/4" scale building. A little bit Tudor, a little bit steampunk and a whole lot of fun! I started by trimming off the little nubbies left from punching out the cardboard pieces.
I wanted to see what these would look like painted, so here is one and two coats of Ceramcoat Burnt Umber.
Looks like I'll need a third coat too. After all the trim pieces are painted, I'm going to give them a quick spray with my Clear Matte spray to protect the paint. It seems like it would scratch off too easily at this point. I also laid out the pieces to this build to see which way everything should go. The end pieces seem interchangeable, so I will dry fit and see which end I want the large window on.
I searched the internet for images of Tudor houses and saw that many of them have brick or stone on the lower section.  I have some fabric that I picked up a few years ago that I think might work.
Whenever I see fabric with stone or bricks or wood planking that looks in scale, I buy a 1/2 yard to stash. Oftentimes, you never see it again and it's fun to use. The upper part of the peaks will be paint that I have stippled on.  Two coats so far, not sure if it will need a third.

I have a few ideas for steampunk effects, but I don't think they can be added to the building until after it's nearly complete. I made sure to sand carefully on the inside of the window frames as these will need to be painted and will show from the outside.  Looks like that will be all for now as I have to make a trek to Walmart today. Oh, one more thing.  Here is a pic of the bases that I picked up to put these builds on: 
They are made of plywood and are laser cut. Makes a nice, sturdy, flat surface to fasten the house to and leaves a little room for landscaping.  Have a great day!