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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Side Note...

In an effort to give you all better, clearer shots of my projects, I came to the realization that my little Kodak was no longer up to the task.
So after searching for quite awhile, putting off ordering and basically avoiding the issue, I finally decided on the Canon PowerShot Elph 350HS and put an order in to Cameta Camera. It has a 12X zoom, 20 megapixels,and has full HD Wi-Fi. 

The price was reasonable (around $200) and there were all kinds of freebies included in the price. It came with a 5 Piece Digital Care Kit, a cute little bendy tripod, two batteries, two battery chargers, a nice carrying case, a package of screen protectors, a plastic case for extra memory cards, A thingy to slide your memory card into that is plugged into your computer...(so photography literate I am! LOL!) and an adapter for other voltages.
A free one year subscription to Outdoor Photographer was also included. Since I received the little Kodak from my son back in 2006, things have sure changed! I have been practicing with it and in Auto mode, I can be 1/4" from a subject and it comes out clear and sharp or take pictures of far away subjects with the same results.  I have yet to learn all the things about this camera, but am looking forward to learning more each time I use it. The pictures yesterday were taken with it and the Calico Critters video was the first one I tried with it. I should have gone a little slower, but people were trying to squish by so it's a little blurry. I'll just have to have my big husband block the aisle next time! LOL! Now you can look forward to better pictures and I won't have to take 5 closeups of each thing and try to "perfect touch" them and crop them to get them to look halfway decent. So the little Kodak is traveling to the home of some of my grandchildren to see if one or two of them would be interested in photography like their Meme. We have had a lot of adventures together and I'll have fond memories of it. And me? I'll be trying to figure out the wi-fi feature and even better ways to share my projects with you! Have a great day!