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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Shopping and Interioring Decorating...

When I went into the shop this morning, 2 of the crominions were gone. After asking around, I was told that they had gone shopping for a smoker for the restaurant. What? Without me? Rose had given them a lift in the Steampunk Summerhouse and also helped them load it and bring it home.
I really have to get on the ball and finish that Summerhouse, it's just not safe to go tooling around in it without any headlights.  After helping them unload it, I think it will be a great addition to the restaurant and who doesn't like some delicious smoked ribs?! It's a little high, but I bashed a plastic ladder from an old game for them and I think it will work just fine. They are already searching online for recipes and discussing what else they need. I got the first piece of wallpaper cut
and was about to glue it on when I decided I should probably use some primer on the walls first so I don't get bleed-through down the line. Since the furniture came in yesterday, the crominions wanted to try out different configurations for the floor layout. Here is what they came up with.
Looks like I'll be busy painting these up after the wallpapering is done.  Also, I was wondering about tiny bottles for the bar. S has been searching for me and found some amazing things but my Yankee thrift kinda kicked in and I thought...."Hey, why don't I just cut out some pictures and use those?" You'll have to press your nose against the glass to see in anyway so gave that a try. So here is the back bar so far.
I think I will cut out pics of glassware next and then design the shelves. I think the cow is back inside....LOL! So I will be poking around with primer and then cutting more wallpaper. Will have to check out window treatments online....I saw this neat tutorial for window blinds.......Have a great day!