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Monday, November 2, 2015

Porch Posts and the Roof!

After a busy weekend, I'm back in the shop this morning! Looked for the lights I needed in a different Michael's, but all that was there was an empty peg. Even though tracking says the lights I ordered online have been lounging around at the post office since Saturday, they aren't scheduled for delivery until Tuesday! Waiting is not one of my strong points....But, there is still some things to do, so let's get to it! I finished the coats of green on one half of the roof and have all the strips glued to the other half. I used one coat of the satin varnish over the green paint and it looks more like the smooth shine of the metal roofs around here.
I'll take care of painting the edges and putting on the three coats of green on the other roof piece later today. Then as soon as the light arrives, I can install it. I was thinking about painting the battery pack on this one silver as if it's a large propane tank...The other project was the front porch posts. The white posts will be the ones I will be attempting to duplicate.
Went to work with my little chop saw and with only a couple of waste pieces, this is what we will start with.
I used the lines on my cutting mat to make sure things were glued straight.
And I think you know what comes next....Let's see how it looks! LOL!
I made these a little extra long so I can trim them to exact length once the roof is glued on. I think they capture the feeling of the full size ones, so on with the first coat of paint!
I used some Apple Barrel white paint I had picked up once and I was surprised how well it covered. Usually, when you buy craft paint on sale, it's going to take a few coats to cover. I think only one more will do the job here. So that is what we have so far, think I will go finish painting the other roof piece and give these posts their final coat of white. Maybe those lights will show up today and I can install that too.  Then it's on to the landscaping and a small parking lot. Have a great day!