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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Almost Done!

Work on the Christmas tree continues! I went out to Bill's shop yesterday to see how the gloss finish was drying and to see if I was going to have to spray another coat on the drawers. As I walked across the back yard, I could feel late fall in the air. All the leaves are gone now from our trees and the grass is no longer growing. Hard to believe Christmas is coming...the spirit hasn't hit yet, but I think I'm going to put up my own Christmas tree next week! Woo! Hoo! I unlocked the shop and went in. The Christmas tree looked great!
I did a little touch-up with a piece of paper bag then went over to check the little drawers. They looked good too! So I put it all together to ..........see how it looks! LOL!
I was still wondering how to finish the back and decided to paint it black; cause really it's the front that's going to be getting all the attention.
I painted the star gold and after 4 coats, the random bits of green were covered. The star just didn't look right to me though. It needed more.....bling.
I searched through my cabinet drawers and jars and boxes but didn't come up with anything right. I was sitting at my workbench thinking when I spotted a bottle of glitter nailpolish. It needed to be thinned a bit but when I brushed it on, it added that little something that the star needed.
I think I'll add a second coat of the glitter nailpolish and that should finish it up. Today, I'll be touching up the black and then spray the back with some Rustoleum Matte Clear to make the painted surface a little stronger. I need to shop for candy too! I thought it would be fun for my husband and I to put a few little notes in the drawers as my Dear Son will be alone this Christmas. Please be in prayer for him and have a great day!