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Friday, November 6, 2015

Finishing things, Glueing things...

I heard quite a ruckus this morning with a lot of hollering back and forth and clanging and banging noises. Well, the minions found themselves an old pickup truck and were packing up to go on a hunting trip! Before the restaurant officially opens, they thought the menu should include some venison. The pirate minions were invited to go along as they are the keepers-of-the-large-knives. The minions found a shotgun too, either that or it came with the truck. The headlights weren't working so two of the Bobs were hanging on to the front fenders with flashlights. I got a pic of them just as they were leaving.
I'm not too worried about the venison thing, I think they are more apt to come home with a pet deer, but I know they will enjoy themselves. Since it was quiet in the shop, I started by curling the extra length of wire to the battery pack around a knitting needle to take up the slack.
Maybe someday, I'll knit something with these! LOL!  I finished up the painting on the roof ridge.....four coats of paint later!
Once that was dry, I glued it in place.
The oil tank was the next thing. I finished the cap and sealed the paint with the matte sealer. Had to paint some of the wire black too of course.
The coil of wire still stuck out in the back, so tried glueing it to the back of the restaurant.
This will sit and dry the full 24 hours and then I'll know if it will stay or not. So that is the progress for today! I'll be ironing shirts this afternoon and watching Murdoch Mysteries...have a great day!