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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Our Dear Son called last night and lit up my day! Thank you all for your prayers for him while he is overseas. Got him all caught up with all the family news and didn't choke up until the goodbye. Hope everyone out there has someone to spend Thanksgiving with. I offered to make a pie to take with us today to a new friend's house. She sighed and said, "I haven't had a homemade sweet potato pie in years..." Well, I have never made one of those, but I am always up for a new adventure! LOL! So between that and a pecan pie I managed to trash the whole kitchen! But here is the end result.
Not bad if I do say so myself! Whoa! The minions heard me say potato and they are getting ready to invade the dining room! Ow! Get off! Yes! Next week I will start Buns and Roses!! Sheesh! Have a great day!!! Gotta run!!!