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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Minion Love and Christmas Trees

I heard parts of a discussion going on in the shop and as I got closer, a lot of shushing and rustling. When I got to the shop, a hundred little voices yelled, "Surprise!" The minions had all chipped in and bought me a present. Well, I would have gotten teary eyed, but I think they have an agenda! LOL! They've gone too long without a good donut or cupcake and want me to start Buns and Roses. But I appreciated the thought and wear my new t-shirt with pride.
I told them they have to be patient for just a little while longer so I can start Elsa's Christmas stocking. Yesterday, I finished up the painting on the back of the tree, kinda forgot about the other side of the support in the back.....
Also dug out the glitter nail polish and put a second coat on the star. Now I like it!
Then I took the whole thing outside and used the Rustoleum clear matte spray on the black paint.
And what do you do while you're waiting for paint, nail polish, and matte spray to dry? Add some more amber to my bracelet!
Since I've been using my hands quite a bit lately, my thumbs have been hurting again, so figured I'd boost the amber power! I just added another string to the existing bracelet and I am good to go!
After a little lunch, it's on to Walmart for Christmas candy for my Dear Son. Have a great day!