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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Landscaping and Interior!

The first thing I did today was get pictures of the interior of the restaurant. What would have been really funny was a picture of me in my big fluffy robe trying to get these pictures through the teeny windows! LOL! But we won't go there! Front view and side view.

I thought there should be a parking lot on the side, although I haven't seen any minion cars driving around the shop. They do need a place for the smoker though, so parking lot it is. I used Ceramcoat Rain Grey but it looked a little too flat to me. You know how I can't leave anything alone, so I got out a small brush and proceeded to stipple some Craftsmart Grey all over.
I've never painted concrete before and I guess this is pretty close. Besides, this project leans toward the cartoonish side so I guess we are good. I figured I was at the point where I could glue the house to the base, so with a deep breath, it was done.
I wanted just a little landscaping on this project, so I used some Bella Espresso acrylic paint on the areas I wanted to work on first.
Once that was dry, I spread a thick layer of white glue and sprinkled on some tea leaves from a tea bag. I pressed it down good and then tapped the extra off.
A while back, Hobby Builder's Supply had a sale on tiny Squeeze-me bushes, so I glued some of those on too.
After drawing some lines on the parking lot with a ruler and a yellow colored pencil, I would say this part of the build is complete.
I have to look up metal roof ridge treatments to see what I need to make to cover the wire from the light. Also need to finish painting the battery pack.. I have a 50% off coupon that's burning a hole in my pocket....I think a trip to Michael's is in order! Have a great day!