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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ice Blue Beauty...

Work on the Christmas stocking turned serious yesterday and I got quite a bit done. It might not look like I got much done, but usually making these felt stockings is a long process. I have made three so far for my son and his other two daughters and those had multiple, multiple pieces of small felt that had to be stuffed, stitched, and outlined with sequins. When I couldn't find a kit for an "Elsa" stocking, I had to start hunting around for things to make my own. I was hesitant to start as I haven't designed my own before; but with all of you cheering me on, I think this is coming out great! After hand sewing around the white top, I pinned on the lace and started sewing that in place.
Next was the panel. Do I cut it or not? I tried a sort of oval shape and liked that better than the rectangle. That was centered, pinned, and stitched. I have more of that small cotton lace so pinned that around it.
Hmm, I like that too. I proceeded to arrange ribbon and tie small pieces onto it and sewed that in place too. I think it adds some nice dimension. I noticed that the cut ends of the small pieces of ribbon were beginning to fray so I used a toothpick to dab a tiny bit of white glue along the edges. That seemed to fix the problem.
The final stitching of the day was to add a few sequin snowflakes.
I think Elsa would approve. The next step will be to design a heel and toe for the stocking. Have a great day!